Exhibited Work

While studying at Art College I was lucky to show my work at a few exhibitions.

End of Year Summer Show 2010 At Walsall College
* Anything Can Be A Canvas * Black masonry paint on balcony wall

The New Art Gallery Walsall's WE ARE 10! exhibition  
February 2010
* Design a Birthday Card * White card and paint. This liked in with my project for the labour and craftsmanship show. 

Labour And Craftsmanship Winter Show 
26th-31st January 2010 At The Custard Factory Birmingham,UK

End Of Year Summer Show 2009 At Walsall College
* Obsessive Behaviour * Colour charts with twelve flowers punched out of each one. Over 300 paint charts were used in this project. Represent two things I am obsessed with Colour & Pattern.