About Meeee!

hi! thanks for stopping by and having a peepers at my blog.

I'm LouLou , 24 years old and I live in Merry old England , in a village about 40 minute train ride away from Birmingham.

 I love all things crafty! From card making to jewellery making to sewing. You name it I love it. I would love to say that I can do every crafts but in all honesty I can't. But I am one for giving everything a try. The whole fun with crafting is having fun and experimenting!

I Also love japanese culture / fashion : Harajuku , Decora , lolitia  particularly Kawaii look. Kawaii means cute in Japanese ^_^ Many of my Kawaii items are either stationery such as memo sheets , letter writing paper , sticker flakes , pens etc , plushes , bags , purses , jewellery.

Other hobbies of mine include Photography , Reading , Baking , Collecting things.

Here are 30 Fun Facts About Meeeeeeee

1 : I am classed as a winter baby as I was born in February. Normally it snows round about my birthday most years.

2 : I have been with my boyfriend Kieran for over 7 years! We knew one another back in high school but wasn't until we was reunited at a gig that we got together. He is a HUGE comic book fan. He's a bit like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory 

3 : I have a cat called smokey eve though she goes by the following Tibbs , Mr Tibbs , Tibbywinkle. Tibbywinkle is my favourite. She was originally a stray that turned up at our house one day and has never left. I would be lost without her.

4 : I have studied Art for 3 years at college. During that time I have met other artists , networked , done collaborations and had a number of art shows , one which included at a public gallery!

5 : I have my own language. Sounds silly but I just find myself coming out with the following

Pud Pud - a pudding

Toodles - bye

Wig - my hair

Me Play & We Play - For scene it games when they mention my play & all play

Drinkypoos - a drink

Lock Down - locking up the house

HQ - home

Thankies - thank you

There are more to my vocabulary but I'll leave here as I already sound weird enough hahaha

6 : I currently have six piercings. I do want more but it can work out to be an expensive game. 2 of Which I am stretching ( Ear lobes )

7 : I have being colouring my hair since the age of 10 . My first colour was a dark burgundy red. Also when I was younger my hair was all the way down to my bottom :)

8 : I can be very clumsy at times. I can honestly say I have mastered walking into door frames hehehe. Other clumsy accident include
- having half my hair ripped out by a food mixer ( was lucky it grew back at all )
- scalding my hand for the very first time at the age of 18!
- and a family favourite falling into a Christmas tree! Head first so two little pink legs are sticking out. When I was finally rescued I took half of the pine needles with me so I looked more like the Christmas tree in the end plus i was told it died shortly after.

9 : This my be hard to believe considered my previous fact but I have never broken a bone!

10 : The day before I started High School for the first time I went on a Hot Air Balloon Ride. It lasted and hour and half but I loved it! Would like to do it again and this time I would be armed with my cameras!

I'm the dorky looking kid 
11 : I am a major allergy sufferer to well life itself generally hehehe. You name it either it has made me have the sniffles , allergic reaction , wheezy chest , coughing , manky rash. I may as well stay in a bubble for my own protection hehe

12 : I am proud to say have never smoked nor will I ever!

13 : Since a child and to this day I am a HUGE Disney fan. Some of my favourites include Beauty & The Beast , Alice In Wonderland , Frozen , Up ,Wall-e , Lion King , Sword In The Stone , Sleeping Beauty just to name a few :)

14 : At the age of 13 I went to my first ever live gig to see New Found Glory. It was amazing and since then i have saw other various bands which include Paramore , All Time Low , Bowling For Soup , Lostprophets , Muse , Alkaline Trio , Hellogoodbye , Funeral For A Friend , Angels & Airwaves I could go on for age if I was to name them all

15 : I am a collector / hoarder. Some of my collections include used postage stamps , pin badges , Hello Kitty / Kawaii of course ^_^ , cupcake's , stationery , craft supplies , postcards , miniature items , foreign coins / currency.

16 : I love charity shops , second hand , car-boots . I like the idea of having to go on a scavenger hunt to find hidden gems. Really I'm just a big kid at heart ^_^

17 : When I was younger my dream job was to be a vet but the thought of having to operate , blood and the possibility that some animals would be too poorly to save really put me off.

18 : I have taken part in two Cancer Research's Race For Life events. They are held every years with loads of events up and down the country. I'm hoping to take part in many more.

19 : I first started selling my cards in 2012 at a local church every two months.

20 : I have a massive collection of stationery that I want to use but at the same time I'm thinking It's too pretty to use

21 : I have never had to have any work done on my teeth unless you count a scrap & polish and I never one of them until I was 20. Could be something to do with my undying love for milk! Even as a child I drank milk rather than pop.

22 : I have volunteered at a charity shop called The British Heart Foundation.

23 : I adopted a dolphin when I was younger called Lighting with a charity called WDCS

24 : I get way to much satisfaction from making lists and using highlighting pens.

25 : My favourite film director has to be Tim Burton! Everything about his films I absolutely love!

26 : My favourite game has to be no doubt THE SIMS! I have all the games for The Sims , Sims 2 and most of The Sims 3. I can spend hours a day playing them. I just love the fact that you can create anything with your imagination. Unfortunately I don't think my laptop would work with The Sims 4 :(

27 : I own one musical instrument...................THE TRIANGLE hehehe. I'm not really one for being musically talented.

28 : I have been to France when I was younger on a school trip and during that trip we went to see the Bayeux Tapestry. I would like to travel to such places as Japan , America , Ireland , France ( again ) , Italy or in general the world.

29 : My favourite author is Jenny Colgan.  Her first book I read was Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe of course you can understand why I picked it up. Other books by her that I have read are Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop Of  Dreams & The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris.

30 : Like any true British girl I love Drinking TEA! Although I don't sip it with my little pinky sticking out.

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